Psy D no More…for now.

Hello Tumblr. Its been a while. Basically this summer I did a lot of thinking and, yes, you read it…I will not be doing PsyD until a later date. $250,000 of debt is a little too much of a burden to take on at the moment. So for now, LPC is whats up. Today I am interviewing with a big company to intern with teenagers just on the brink of hospitalization or just out of it. Sounds like a wonderful opportunity and I look forward to this possibility. I look forward to many things. Most of all, I look forward to having a life, a family, a dog or two, and a house.

You know I am disappointed and I would have loved to have been called Dr _______ but I guess I will just have to save that for role play.

Welp, I guess its time to roll out. A wonderful day to everyone.

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